Mike enjoys the outdoor life wherever he travels. His true passion is heading to the mountains taking the road less traveled. It is there where he enjoys the solitude, scenery, wildlife and diverse landscapes. Mike enjoys hiking in the national forest and wilderness areas. He is also a volunteer wilderness ranger for Poudre Wilderness Volunteers supporting the United States Forest Service in north-central Colorado.



Jeanne enjoys hiking and volunteering for both Poudre Wilderness Volunteers. She is also a volunteer wilderness ranger like her husband, and enjoys taking photographs of all things outdoor.  She also likes baking goodies, and has been known as the “Cookie Lady” at the campground where she camp hosts.



Koda Bear enjoys chasing his ill-deflated (and now split-into-two) basketball. While most dogs loves to romp around the field, he is fixated on his ball, ball, ball. When he’s not occupied with his ball, ball, ball, he enjoys taking evening walks and backpacking with his human companions. He carries his own dog pack and is proud to be hiking with a mission.



Keera Boo enjoys attacking her canine companion when he’s chasing his ball, ball, ball. She is a normal dog who loves to romp through the tall grass and open prairie fields. When she’s not romping around, she loves to chase squirrels up the tree or pick up on a rabbit scent. She has a built-in, internal clock and knows when it’s time to eat. We call it “Keera Time.” She also enjoys her evening walks and has her own dog pack when backpacking.



Galaxy is the newest traveling companion who is slowly getting comfortable with traveling on the road. She enjoys sleeping, chasing the laser light, sleeping some more, eating, and cuddling in the evenings. She gets along well with her canine brother and sister. She thinks she’s a prima donna and rules the roost.