I thought that after five years of living with my husband and I in our "old normal" existence that our animals would have a difficult time adjusting to life in 240 square feet.  The dogs, Keera and Koda were used to camping with us either backpacking or in our pop-up camper, but Galaxy, our calico always afraid of the outdoors, I seriously wasn’t sure how she would adjust.

Moving our three animals to full time RVing was a no brainer.  We love the outdoors and we love our pets so when we decided to sell everything we own and go mobile, our animals had to come with us.  We are now 2 weeks into our new life and the animals are doing better that expected.  The dogs love it because now we go outdoors with them for walks several times throughout the day.  Koda loves to play with his extremely deflated basketball and Keera keeps a constant eye out for bunnies or squirrels.  They each have found a favorite spot in the living room for napping.  Galaxy took a little longer to adjust to this life but is now doing very well. She likes all the windows and watching the birds. We call her the dashboard cat because she loves to be in the front window keeping an eye on everything and now that I have my computer table set up, she has her spot next to me on a very comfy blanket near a window.

So, it turns out that this move was not only good for us but our animals as well.  The benefits are endless!

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