We started our RV remodeling project mid-March and took almost two months to complete.  A lot of the time was removing, prepping, cutting and fitting the new plank floor and wood panels from front to back of the RV.  But there were other areas that needed rework such as the floor and wall around the driver and passenger area, squaring up the entrance steps, and relocating vents higher off the floor.

When we started measuring around the RV to make our cuts, we quickly realized that there is nothing squared in an RV.  Literally every piece had to be precisely custom fitted.  This was very time-consuming but necessary.

The project was planned carefully as to which area of the RV needed to be done in the right order.  For example, we had to focus on the slide out first in order to ensure that we can add a ¼” plank floor on the main floor without interference or scraping of the slide out.  Once we were confident that we could raise the floor a bit, then the next step was to add a new subfloor on top of the slide out with a bit of overhang to extend the floor space for our new dining/computer table and euro chairs.  We continued working throughout the RV methodically until we were able to complete each area.

We decided on a theme that would blend well with our natural wood cabinets and decor.  Using a brushed white floor plank, gray and white wall panels, and black trim.  By using black, white and gray, it changed the physical appearance of the interior room to appear much larger and more inviting.  Intentionally, we sacrificed our sleeper sofa and dinette table, but we gained more room and flexibility to redecorate our living space and furniture arrangement over time.  This provided us a personal touch of “home” on wheels.

This remodel required many hours of labor, but in looking back along the way, it reminded us that it was well worth the effort.

Here is a list of things we did in our RV:

  1. Discarded sleeper sofa and dinette table
  1. Discarded vinyl floor and carpet
  2. Installed subfloor and plank boards on slide out
  3. Installed plank boards in living room, entrance way, bathroom and bedroom
  4. Reworked driver and passenger cockpit area
  5. Refurbished doghouse (engine cover)
  6. Painted and installed wainscot panels along driver, passenger and slide out areas
  7. Installed wall panels in kitchen and bedroom
  8. Installed backsplash in kitchen and bathroom
  9. Painted and installed trims around floor, wall and ceiling
  10. Painted and relocated vents
  11. Assembled Euro chairs, tables and entertainment center

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