Mountain Lion
Last week on February 4, 2019, we were out enjoying a walk around the beautiful, fresh blanket of snow around the campground with our dogs.  Unaware of an event that was unfolding just a couple miles from here on Horsetooth Mountain Open Space (HMOS), a trail runner was being attacked by a juvenile mountain lion.

While these incidents are very rare, it's a stark reminder that we do live in wildlife country in these parts of Colorado.  We have taught a couple of classes on wildlife safety (once for the public, and once for Poudre Wilderness Volunteer (PWV) where we are wilderness rangers.) 

As much as we like to think we are in control, or always prepare for a close encounter with a bear, moose, coyote or mountain lions, we are really out of our comfort zone and just hope that's not the case.  However, this was not the case for Travis Kauffman who was the victim of the recent attack.

Go to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) to watch this video here.

We have hiked on many trails both locally in Colorado and across other parts of the country, and have never seen a mountain lion.  That's not to say they aren't out there because mountain lions are typically shy of people and are nocturnal creatures.  When we are walking around the campground, or hiking in the wilderness area, or backpacking overnight in the high country, we carry our pocket knives and holster a bear spray outside of our pack.  Use common sense when outdoors and to learn more about living with wildlife, visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website at here.

Below is a mounted display of a mountain lion at the Horseooth Area Information Center (HAIC) where we are camp hosts for the winter.  While it's hard to judge from the picture, this cougar is about 4' long and 3' high.

Mountain Lion LCNR

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