TPMS – Why It Matters

It pays to talk wholesale nba jerseys to other fellow RVers to learn how the they travel and the equipment they use for their RV.  Case in point, last night at our PWV fundraiser event, we talked to other PWV members who was giving us some pointers on places to go and what they have upgraded on their RV unit.

As it turns out, they told us about the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Food (TPMS) they use for their older RV.  This wholesale mlb jerseys electronic system is designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires Good on various types of vehicles. TPMS report real-time tire-pressure and temperature information to the driver of the vehicle using a wireless monitor display. The target of TPMS is avoiding traffic accidents, poor fuel economy, and improved tire wear due to under-inflated tires by early recognition of the malfunction of tires.

While cheap jerseys new RV have built-in TPMS, many older models do not.  This is where this unit is invaluable and potentially life-saving.  Just the other day, my mother Updating showed me a video of an RV with New a car in tow suddenly swerved into the median and flipped over.  This vivid image has stuck with me ever since.  This had me thinking about the safety of my family and pets.  Plus, Part just the mere fact of For not knowing what’s going on in those six tires underneath the big rig is frightening enough.  Having the TPMS provides a peace of mind and security that you can safely wholesale mlb jerseys travel on the wide open road at 65 mph.

TireTech TP7004




  1. Julie

    Wow, good info to know! Just like learning when you’re a home owner, you’re learning about being a beast owner!! Glad to know you’re safety conscious!

  2. David W & Sandy Robinson

    Just tuned in to your blog, this is very good info! We are in Camp Verde AZ ourselves in the Verde Estates area (we actually are on Rustler’s Trail now). I have similar concerns with our 2005 Newmar Kountry Star 37′ Class A. We tow our Dodge Stratus on a car dolly. Just replaced the two front tires and one outside rear tire. Valve stems tend to leak as well. Great to see someone in our area!

    David & Sandy Robinson

    1. Mike (Post author)

      Hello David & Sandy,

      Thanks for reading our post. We hope it was helpful for you. We left Camp Verde a few days ago to head back to Denver area to begin our upcoming camphost assignment for 2017. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet while we were there.

      We had to fill up one of our tire on the trip back to Colorado. It was supposed to be about 80 PSI but was reading 55 PSI. Not sure it was the cold weather, but it has been holding every since. So we don’t believe this one had a bad valve stem. But using our TPMS, we can drive with confidence knowing what is happening to our tires as we are driving down the highway.

      Enjoy your stay at Camp Verde and the surrounding areas. We will be back again someday when the opportunity presents itself.

      Mike & Jeanne


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