This is not our first time winter camping in Colorado. The beauty of this state seems to draw us back every year. The azure blue skies, mild temperatures and availability of hiking and walking around the Horsetooth Reservoir in Larimer County, Colorado is one of the reasons. This was the ideal location for us this winter. Yes, it does snow and yes the temperatures do drop below zero just adds to the challenge of we can do this!

Here is how we make the experience a pleasant one. Our first step was while it was still warm in Nov.  We applied plastic shrink wrap on several windows in the RV. I still like to have the ability to have some windows to open while I am cooking so I chose the windows that tend to be leaking air the most. The two outer windows on the slide-out, as well as both bedroom windows. Then, we have 3 ceramic heaters inside the RV, one in the bedroom and two in living room. We use these space heaters as our sole heating. Only in extreme cold (we consider this to be below 10 degrees) do we use our propane heat.  When temperatures dip below freezing we do turn on the water to a steady stream through the night.  This just ensures that our faucets do not freeze.

The second step is outside preparation.  We do not like to skirt, if we have to move for any reason, it would take too long to remove. We do protect the fresh water area and the sewer area with a small ceramic heaters.  We find the heaters help us to keep those tanks from freezing.  The parks frost free faucets we cover with heat tape and use pipe insulation to keep it protected and we do have a Pirit heated hose but to ensure no freezing we do use the pipe insulation foam to cover the hose. We do keep a daily check on these items during the winter and this system works for us.

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